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Come and change, come and change into anything you will
Karina Lusink and Min Shin
January 16 - February 9, 2010
Reception: January 30, 2010 6-8p / Artist Talk: January 20, 2010, 3p

come and change
Karina Lusink, Heart of the Place, mixed media, 2009 / Min Shin, One Day, mixed media, 2009

Come and change come and change into anything you will uses natural materials to express varying states of the psychological landscape. Karina Lusink focuses on a sense of accumulative growth through nonverbal associations, while Min Shin creates visual narratives that evoke nostalgia, intimacy and longing. Min Shin, One Day, Lithography onricepaper, wax, leaves & tracing paper, 2009,

Through the use of natural materials Karina Lusink’s hopes to depict a sense of accumulative growth through the use of nonverbal associations. The natural has always been a source of comfort and inspiration for her, a connection to other living beings. The peace and solace it provides has been a creative stimulant, supplying her work with a language by which she may articulate a contemplative and psychological space to the viewer. By using found objects, intimate meticulous drawings and soft colours, Karina Lusink wishes to invite the viewer into a reflective, meditative atmosphere of inward growth. Creating a landscape that is not real, they are landscapes that exist as a function of memory, self-awareness, and the contemplative processes that take place in the mind. Andy Goldsworthy has always been an inspiration in Lusink’s work; Goldsworthy creates pieces that exist in the natural world, created out of the environment in which the works are situated.

Karina Lusink is a fourth year Bachelor of Fine Arts student at Queen’s University, majoring in sculpture. Her work focuses on using natural imagery as a language. Upon completion of her degree she hopes to continue creating art.

Min Shin’s art is a result of collecting reminiscences of fleeting moments. Inspired by memories, childhood and everyday surroundings. Min Shin is interested in creating moods or atmospheres that evoke feelings of
nostalgia, intimacy, comfort and longing. Her approach to art making drives from habitual collecting and recording, as well as from domestic activities such as sewing. She likes to work in several elements and compartments, which then can be arranged as a bigger whole. Although her works have been manifested in various mediums including stones, woods, papers and found objects, they share the same qualities of quietness and subtlety through the simplicity of form. Drawn from insignificant objects and mundane activities, her images focus on the humbleness of everyday. Through combinations of images, objects and words, Min Shin is also interested in creating visual narratives that are inspired by particular people and experiences in her life. It is her hope that this gathering of stories will provide a chance for the viewers to remember and cherish forgotten moments of their own lives.

Min Shin was born and raised in South Korea until the age of fourteen when she came to Canada as an international student. After spending her youth in a small town on Vancouver Island, she moved to Kingston where she is currently in her final year of the BFA program at Queen’s University. Family, friends, memories and everyday surroundings have been both inspiration and motivation for her art making. It is her hope that she will continue to find happiness in making art regardless of where life takes her.