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The Breath Of It All
Andrea Por and Cecily Jane Taylor
February 13 - March 16, 2010
Reception: March 6, 2010 6-8p / Artist Talk: February 18, 2010, 3p

Taylor and Por
Andrea Por, And this feeling of desolation, oil on panel, 2010 / Exhibition install view

The Breath Of It All features the work of two Queen’s BFA students Cecily Jane Taylor and Andrea Por. Working side by side over the past few years Por and Taylor discovered that their life philosophies overlapped to the extent that they developed an exhibition with a thematic link that focused on the contrast between Chaos and Calmness. The Will To Power and simply Breathing.

Cecily Jane Taylor has become infatuated with the tactile to express her ideas of wanting and interconnectivity. Taylor’s whole body and heart goes into molding the found materials into works that take on a life of their own.

Cecily, installation
Cecily Jane Taylor, I Build Because I Breathe / I Breathe Because I Build, pencil, acrylic, venetian blinds, paper, wood, 2006-2010

Cecily Jane Taylor used to go up to people in the bank when she was about six and tug on their coats and say, ‘I have a cat named Carl and a hamster named Bambi’, until one day she did it to a man who was
missing an eye. She is now a fourth year BFA student at Queen’s University and has recently become infatuated with sculpture because it gets her off the internet and working with her hands. She is interested in geometry because there are answers and art because there are no answers. Cecily Taylor states, “I build because I breathe/ I breathe because I build with No Fear/ No Envy/ No Meanness”.

Cecily Jane Taylor is a 4th year fine art student in sculpture at Queen’s University. For more information on her work and life visit www.thecatalogue.ca.

The underlying theme informing the works of Andrea Por is that of the human condition, more specifically its effects on personal catastrophe: fears, doubts, anxieties and isolation. She is interested in the materials of such dysphoric emotions and how they contend or relate to the enormity of existence. Often times her creative method begins with a personal experience, self-reflection, a thought of uncertainty, self-doubt or a question of personal identity. Some of her works tap into the violence of these apprehensions, while others reflect on the beauty of it all as a necessary element of the human experience- which, in itself, has become her prime source of inspiration and motivation to create.

Andrea Por is a fourth year Bachelor of Fine Arts student at Queen’s University, majoring in painting. After completing her degree she hopes to continue making art and to travel before undertaking a Masters in Fine Arts.