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Between Spaces
Monique Baena-Tan and Kim Armstrong
December 5, 2009 - January 12, 2010
Reception and Artist Talk: December 5, 6-8p

Kim Armstrong, wood cut
Kim Armstrong, Icarus, woodcut, 2009

Between Spaces explores the intersections between architecture and environments of social exchange. Kim Armstrong concentrates on the changing concepts of space allotted through cell phone technology.
Monique Baena-Tan analyzes architectural form and design to probe the meaning of space.

Kim Armstrong explores mobile communication and its social impact. As the most rapid growing and adapted technology around the world, cell phones have the ability to change the shape of human contact.
Communication moves into non-physical realms of space (regardless of time and geography) via this technology. This phenomenon often results in the double presence of individuals, altering personal relationships, changing identity, empowerment through multi-tasking, avoidance of chance happenings, alienation, and an obsessive nature towards the object. Monique Baena-Tan, Jalan Limau Bali, woodcut, 2009

Incorporating findings and inspiration from researchers such as Rich Ling, Gergen Kenneth, and others within the technological field: Kim approaches her work from a variety of printmaking techniques. Images are visually meticulous, using repetition as a key source for relaying common themes.

Kim Armstrong, a Toronto based artist, is currently completing her final year in the Queen’s BFA program focusing in printmaking. She has worked as a curatorial researcher in contemporary art and is the student
coordinator for the BFA 2010 select exhibition committee (liaise with Jan Allan) at the Agnes Etherington Art Centre. In the future Kim plans to continue producing art as well as becoming more involved with
curatorial and publishing projects.

Monique Baena Tan
Monique Baena-Tan, Jalan Limau Bali, woodcut, 2009

Monique Baena-Tan is interested in representations of architectural exploration and design. She is attracted to images such as blue prints and maps and their practical aspects of visual instruction. She also enjoys
exploring the transformation of two-dimensional structures into three-dimensional forms.

Monique Baena-Tan is from Toronto, Ontario. She is currently completing her final year of the Queen’s BFA program, majoring in printmaking. For her work she chooses to focus on etching and waterless lithography processes. After completing her degree she hopes to travel and continue printing.