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Lisa Figge and Anna Elmberg Wright
October 10-30, 2007
Artist talk: October 11, 3p | Reception: October 20, 6-8p

Anna Elmberg Wright
Anna Elmberg Wright

Lisa Figge and Anna Elmberg Wright share common concerns about the way our culture impacts the earth. Each artist explores traumas and disconnections that have resulted from human interventions on the environment. How individual choices are manifested in daily living and the potential for transformation, is explored through the use of video, sculpture and installation.

Anna Elmberg Wright
Elmberg Wright’s art production is grounded in a practice of observation and distillation of interactions with the world around her. Walking is the back bone of her artistic practice. By consciously walking on the land, both within urban and ex-urban settings, she obtains information through the experience of “gathering-in”, sketching and collecting. A recent focus has centered around Lake Ontario which has provided source materials in the form of flotsam and shoreline debris. These are positioned within sculptures, installation pieces and painted works, as a means of considering the ways in which human life unfolds within a material culture that sees itself as separate from nature.

Anna Elmberg Wright is a 4th year student in the Fine Arts Program at Queen’s University. In her studio work she has focused on painting, sculpture and installation and expects to continue developing these areas post-graduation. She is currently completing her first publicly awarded commission for the new Regional Headquarters of the Ministry of the Environment in Kingston, which will be ready for public viewing in the middle of October. Anna has recently become a member of the Modern Fuel Artist-Run Centre and is looking forward to her involvement with artist-run culture. Anna comes from a previous background which includes running a studio pottery, teaching in prison, provincial parole board membership and lay chaplaincy.

Lisa Figge
Lisa Figge, Tower

Lisa Figge

Figge’s work explores our contentious relationship to the natural and human environments we inhabit, including our homes, the suburbs and the adjoining natural places. Through expanding awareness about the current environmental debacle that threatens future generations, her work has the intention of triggering ecologically inventive behaviour in the viewer. Through sculpture, video and performance documentation, she focuses her gaze on local issues about place, real or imagined, with a view to opening an activist space for herself and the iewer,which has its antecedents in the histories of environmental activism.

Lisa Figge, born in Manitoba, came to Kingston in 2001 where she took the Creative Arts focus program at Queen Elisabeth Collegiate and Vocational Institute with Karen Peppercorn. From there she entered Queen’s University as a mature student and in 2004 embarked on the BFA program at Queen’s as a full time student. She has previously shown work at Union Gallery and Modern Fuel Artist-Run Centre.