Union Gallery

Board + Staff

The Board of Directors consists of eleven members including a mix of students and non-students, and senior gallery staff. Meetings are held regularly. Board members help to support the mandate, goals and protocols of the gallery and provide input on policies and direction in accordance with the strategic plan. In addition, Board members co-chair a committee or chair a subcommittee; meet with gallery staff; develop annual goals; implement projects; and provide reports.

Union Gallery Board of Directors 2018-2019

The Union Gallery offers a unique experiential learning opportunity by mentoring students in various aspects of arts management, leadership and presentation through positions on the Board and on gallery committees.

The Board of Directors fulfills four distinct roles within the organization: strategic guidance and governance, policy development, financial accountability, and human resources support. The term of each position is two years and is renewable for a second term.

Executive -
President - Julia Fast-Grass
Vice President - Kelly Anderson
Secretary - Abby Berry
Treasurer - Jennifer Kennedy
Gallery Director - Jocelyn Purdie

Members at Large -
Co-Chair Fundraising and Finance - Giovanni Nunno
Chris Grant
Alison Quinn
Helena Debnam
Megan McNeil
Alejandro Aruaz



Director - Jocelyn Purdie
Gallery Assistant - Ashley Newton