Union Gallery

Silent auction

The Union Gallery's annual silent auction theme for 2017 is PLACE/IDENTITY

Canvas Pickup: Before August 11th / After September 6th (during gallery hours)

Submission Deadline: October 3rd

Auction Dates: October 14th to November 17th

For the Fall 2017 Silent Auction, the Union Gallery asks you to consider the relationships between the places we inhabit and the identities we construct. How do we define these places? How do we navigate our identities? On maps and in mirrors, in thoughts and on journeys - we face these questions every day, as we seek to find truth and connection.

The theme Place/Identity invites you to consider and interpret these questions through a contemporary lens on a canvas of 8 x 10 inches that will be provided by the gallery.

The works will be available for bidding and located in the display case in front of the gallery in Stauffer Library. We encourage you to engage with the canvas in any way you choose; from a painting surface to a frame for collage, photography or mixed media works.