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Union Gallery Fall 2017 Exhibitions

Beginning September 2017

Main Space | Espace plausible ; Plausible Space
Mathieu Léger

Artist Mathieu Léger engages with the visual conventions of land surveillance and cartography as a means to examine geography, boundary, identity, and isolation and belonging. Espace plausible ; Plausible Space features a series of photographs documenting wry and absurdist performances by Léger, where for instance, the artist is seen attempting to move boulders using his own body as leverage. The futility of Léger’s labour inject these images with humour, which are accompanied by the more overtly serious wall installation created with maps. Purchased by the artist from a private collection while in residence in Geneva, Switzerland, the maps are pinned to a gallery wall to create peaks and valleys, remarking on the representation of space (cartography) and the space of representation (the gallery).

Mathieu Léger is an interdisciplinary Moncton-based artist. He has participated in almost 50 artist residencies throughout his career, and holds a BA from the Université de Moncton. His work engages with notions of wilderness, geological time, and process as it relates to the natural world. He is currently developing a 5 year performance project that investigates the physicality of spatial awareness and cartographic conventions. Léger has exhibited across Canada and Europe with recent exhibitions at Conf. Centre Art Gallery (Charlottetown, CA), Beaverbrook Art Gallery (Fredericton, CA), Centre 3 (Hamilton, CA).

Lisa Lipton

Artist Lisa Lipton’s film project THE IMPOSSIBLE BLUE ROSE was created during a research journey across North America in 2012 and is informed by the interviews and stories collected throughout the artists’ travels. Devoted to site-specificity and localizing collaboration, the film features people and communities encountered during this tour, as the unconventional narrative is told through the eyes of nine intriguing characters living and working in nine separate locations. Using sculptural installations, costumes, paintings, musical compositions, choreography and performances that reflect living within a particular time, place, and community, Lipton’s THE IMPOSSIBLE BLUE ROSE is a cinematic experience reflecting on artistic creation through fearless exploration.

Lisa Lipton is a Halifax-based multidisciplinary artist, musician and director who received her BFA from NSCAD and an MFA from the University of Windsor. Her projects explore the potential for crossing genres of film, mixed media installation, performance, theatre and music. Her visions are reflective of an interest in directorial and curatorial practices, collaboration and social interaction, as well as working within non-traditional contexts in order to explore the boundaries of performance and filmic production. She has exhibited her work on both a national and international level, and is currently on the shortlist for the Sobey Art Awards 2017.