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Union Gallery Spring/Summer Exhibitions

June 3 - August 12, 2017

Main Space | Contraint à courir après des ombres plus séduisantes que la réalité; Essays on shadows
Amélie Brisson-Darveau

Artist Amélie Brisson-Darveau uses strategies of deconstruction and reconstruction to explore the relation between the body, fabric and architecture. Her exhibition Contraint à courir après des ombres plus séduisantes que la réalité ; Essays on shadows is an immersive sculpture-based installation exploring the depersonalization of the shadow within film noir as a means to explore the dimensions of space and time. Composed of twelve segments, or what Brisson-Darveau calls ‘essays’, the exhibition takes several forms, from distorted costumes inspired by canonical film noir scenes, to experimental lighting and shadow play. Through the creation of different environments relating to architecture and shadow she creates an assemblage that explores the filmic space and the real space.

Amélie Brisson-Darveau is an interdisciplinary installation artist who divides her time between Montréal, Canada and Hamburg, Germany. She received her MFA from Concordia University and has taught fine arts and art theory at both the graduate and undergraduate level. She has exhibited across Canada and internationally including recent exhibitions at Access Art Gallery (Vancouver, CA), Corner College (Zürich, CH), Sol Koffler Gallery, RISD (Providence, US), Forest City Gallery (London, CA), Mom Art Space (Hamburg, DE) and Connexion Gallery (Fredericton, CA).

Project Room | Its Mouth Only Grows
Miles Rufelds

Artist Miles Rufeld’s video installation Its Mouth Only Grows critically explores the storyteller’s role as both enchanter and manipulator. Composed of a central narrative presented across three acts, Rufeld’s four channel video depicts an epic portrayal of vegetables sacrificed for industrial development, simultaneously evoking the creation myth and apocalyptic prophecy. Both humorous and tragic, Its Mouth Only Grows draws viewers into the dramatically unfolding fate of the produce, and creates a dialogue between stories of ancient myth and hyper-capitalist cinematic fiction, where storytelling participates in the formation of essentialist ideals, practices, structures and behaviour.

Miles Rufelds is a Montréal-based multi-disciplinary artist who holds a BFA from the University of Ottawa. Miles’ practice maintains a formal and conceptual emphasis on video, but branches as well into photography, sculpture, media, and audio. Rufeld’s work explores the deeply complex relationships that exist between human beings and the things that they consider fictional or unreal, such as cinema and advertising. His work has recently been exhibited at the Idea Exchange (Cambridge, CA), Gallery 1313 (Toronto, CA), and the White House Studio (Toronto, CA).