Union Gallery

upcoming exhibitions

September 14 - November 9, 2018

Main Space: Lindsey Wilson, worked up | wound up

Lindsey Wilson, Dyed in the Wool (detail), carded wool, plastic container, metal mixing bowl, natural dye-bath cotton thread, 2017

Following the themes of embodied production and hand-work that are so prevalent in her practice, Wilson will create an immersive installation in which fibres will be spun into yarn and would into balls over the course of the exhibit. This work will engage notions of labour, as well as questions around the precarious relationship between humans, animals, and plants.

Project Room: Dayna Riemland, no one lives here anymore

Dayna Riemland, no one lives here anymore (detail), hand embroidery on cotton, 2018

Riemlandís no one lives here anymore uses the labour of embroidery to explore individual experiences through person history and memories. The workís heavily embroidered surface and the traditional needlework motifs of flowers and idyllic houses are drawn from Riemlandís information education in the craft of embroidery that was passed down to her from the Mennonite community where she grew up.