Union Gallery

Board + Staff

The Operating Board is a working Board and consists of 80% students and 20% faculty or staff. The Operating Board meets bi-weekly with the Director and are involved in all gallery related decision making. All Board members have specific portfolios and chair committees and provide progress reports at each meeting.

There are vacancies on the Union Gallery Board of Directors for 2016-2017. Please download an application or email Jocelyn Purdie (jp14@queensu.ca) to inquire about current vacancies.

Union Gallery Operating Board 2016-17

Past President: Alison Kruse
President: Ramolen Laruan
Vice President: Habiba Esaad
Treasurer: Emilie Smith
Secretary: Posy Legge
Development/Promotions: Morgan Marchuk
Communications/Liaison: Tony Chen
First Year BFA Rep: Vacant
Studio Faculty or Community Artist: Rebecca Anweiler
Other Faculty/Staff Rep: Darryl Bank (Artist, Faculty of Education student)


Director - Jocelyn Purdie
Gallery Assistant - Ashley Newton
Curatorial Assistant - Teresa Carlesimo