Union Gallery

EXHIBITIONS: September 16 through November 11, 2016

Reception: September 16, 2016, 5-7pm

MAIN GALLERY | After the Hunt

Emily Jan

Emily Jan, After the Hunt, mixed media installation, 2014

PROJECT ROOM | Fleeting Memory

Anne Billy

Anne Billy, Couverture (detail), thread and ink on Chinese funeral paper, 2012



Curated by Teresa Carlesimo, PhD Candidate (Cultural Studies)

Responding to the Union Gallery's fall exhibition, the Bookshelf Project has been curated to explore themes that resonate with artist Emily Jan's installation After the Hunt. Inspired by the discord between science and myth, history and current affairs, After the Hunt borrows from the language of 17th century Dutch still life painting to create a life­size tableau which explores the culturally produced and historically specific division between humanity and the rest of nature.

Located just outside the gallery - stop by any time of the day






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